How it Works
Cuppa for a Cause was created to raise money for those in need simply by sharing a tea with friends, colleagues and family. All you really need for a great fundraiser is some good ol’ fashioned community spirit and your favourite cuppa.

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Plan Your Event

You've booked the date, so all you need to do is choose the venue. Once that’s decided, you can now start planning your cuppa event. Whether you’re representing a business, a Meals on Wheels Service or plan on having the event at home, it’s never been easier hosting Cuppa for a Cause. From invitations and email templates, to request a donation forms and FAQs — the resources below cover everything you need. 

On the day

Apart from being an excellent way to raise money, Cuppa for a Cause is a great team bonding exercise. Suggest to management that they encourage all staff to participate — staff who sip together, stay together. Don’t forget to build the excitement and gather a crowd through posters in communal areas and group emails. If you’re a member of the public or a Meals on Wheels Service; hampers, raffles and even charging an entry fee are all great ways to turn the old donation drive into something tea-rific.

After your event

After the tea’s been sipped and cakes have turned to crumbs, send a thank you note to your guests. If you’re having trouble putting into words exactly how grateful you are, you can head to our resources section below to copy our thank you template. The final step is to donate the funds. Once funds have been donated, you’ll receive your tax invoice.

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